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Webinar Recap: You need to watch this archive! Public Computers and 2.0 Tools

Wow, Robin and Brenda did such a great job in today’s webinar. Robin Hastings from the Missouri River Regional Library provided interesting insider information on how her library has opened up two way communication and sharing with their community using 2.0 tools. As Robin said, “If it is a social media site where our patrons are, that is where we are.” How fantastic!

Here is one slide with some great tips to get your library connecting to patrons online:

Public Computers and 2.0 Tools

Every month MaintainIT and WebJunction collaborate to provide a 30-minute webinar related to public access computing and MaintainIT Cookbook content. I just finished "dress rehearsal" for tomorrow's webinar, starring Robin Hastings... and I can tell this is going to be one of the best webinars yet. Robin is all over the 2.0 world... blogging, tweeting, etc. as WebGoddess. Tomorrow she will be talking about 2.0 tools from a public access computing perspective.

Techies behind the circ desk: a good thing!

I've never forgotten something Eric Brooks--a tech department of one from Placer County Library System (CA)--said to me when we sat down to chat at his library last year. He told me that he thought all computer science students should be required to work at a computer lab or work a customer service job, like retail.

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