5 1/2 Things I Learned While Writing the Cookbooks (Part 2):

Lesson 2: Buying Computers for a Library is More Complicated than it Looks

When I need a computer, I pray to the budget gods, log onto a PC manufacturer’s website (e.g. Dell or HP) and configure a machine. It’s pretty easy and the computer arrives a week or two later.

So I didn’t anticipate going into this project how many things the average systems librarian has to think about when buying computers.  The list below is only partial! But I think I’m hitting the major steps in the process.

5 1/2 Things I Learned While Writing the Cookbooks (Part 1):

I gave a short presentation recently on the 5½ Big Lessons that I learned while assembling, writing and editing the MaintainIT Cookbooks. Needless to say, I borrowed these insights from the hundreds of knowledgeable, hard-working librarians we interviewed over the past three years. Each lesson deserves some eleboration, so I’m going to write about each as a separate post over the next few weeks.

Big discounts on hardware and software (and cars)

We've been hearing a lot lately about the wonders of the state master contract. In most states, the government has negotiated deals with a variety of vendors, obtaining steep discounts that local government agencies can take advantage of. You can buy hardware, software, supplies, even cars off of state master contracts. Not every state has this great arrangement, but most do. Also, the details vary widely from state to state.

Benefits of State Master Contracts:

  • Saving money.