Parker Public Library

BTOP Projects at Work: Ramping Up Public Computing Access in the Midst of Staff Cuts

Staffing cuts can have devastating consequences for a library, the effects of which can reverberate throughout an entire community. In the face of economic hardships, enterprising ideas can be a key to survival. Three libraries in Arizona, Texas, and Washington are using innovative thinking and funding from NTIA’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant to survive in the midst of budget reductions.

Tourists, Travelers, and Snowbirds: Empowering Community Leaders to Navigate Broadband

BTOP grants represent a huge opportunity for public libraries and other institutions to redouble the broadband access that they can offer their communities. But of course, with that access means more need for educating and supporting broadband users. For many of the public libraries and community centers I've talked to, how to match that increased access with appropriate staffing remains an open question.

Creative publicity for public training

At the Rural Library Sustainability Project workshop at ALA last Friday, Jana Ponce, Director of Parker Public Library in Parker, AZ shared her inspired idea for getting the word out to seniors about public computer classes ...

She transforms her library's class schedule into simple place mats, and distributes them to the local diner where seniors frequent. (!)