Orland Free Library

the bookmobile: caught on film at Orland Free Library

We spent a lovely day at the Orland Free Library, and we're lucky ShinJoung caught it on film. After much editing and producing, ShinJoung's filmic masterpiece is now ready for the public!

WATCH the bookmobile crew on ShinJoung's blog.

Technology at your fingertips.

My traveling cohorts, James and Shinjoung, are tech savvy librarians who love sharing tips with other fellow librarians. On Friday, they got their chance at the Orland Free Library.

Plan a stop at the Orland Free Library

What you may not learn from a drive through town, you’ll soon understand when you spend an afternoon at the Orland Free Library in Orland, CA. Others may consider Orland a drive-by town, or a blip off the highway, but we’d call it a sweet town with a thriving library that sits literally and figuratively as the center of the community.

Mini Cookbook

I’ve met so many superstars on this trip, and look forward to meeting more. At each library, I sometimes feel like a walking Cookbook: I share stories, I offer solutions I’ve heard from libraries, and I capture the triumphs and challenges each step of the way. Here’s a brief synopsis of just a few shining moments: