Can My Library Use That Image?

This post was originally published on the TechSoup blog. Librarians are naturally sensitive to copyright issues, but sometimes image permissions can be downright confusing. Here are some resources to help you determine which images are okay to use for your library's outreach efforts and marketing materials. 

cat looking at a cat picture on a computer monitor

With so many cute cat photos on the Internet, it's tempting to just grab one and use it on your website. But what are the rules and where can you get good public domain or Creative Commons images to spice up your website?

With the rise of visual social media (like Pinterest and Instagram), a clear trend in digital communications is more images and fewer words — even if you are communicating through your website or an email newsletter.

Top 10 Sources for Free Images for Your Library's Website or Newsletter

This post was originally published on the TechSoup blog. If you use marketing collateral, such as a newsletter, a Facebook page, or fliers for your outreach, you need good images to go along with it. But you also need to make sure that these images are okay to use. So where do you begin? We made a list of 10 free image sources to help you get started in your search. 

photo of red poppies on laptop screen

There are more places than ever to get free images that are entirely OK for you to use for your communications. Here are 10 sources for images you can freely use on your website or other communications channels. The following list is no particular order.

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