Bake a cake, catch a fish, see the stars - all thanks to your local library

Last week, I heard Eli Neiburger, Associate Director of IT and Production for the Ann Arbor District Library (AADL), deliver a presentation titled “Access, Schmaccess: Libraries in the Age of Information Ubiquity”. His talk focused on the ways in which widespread access to ebooks is going to change the roles of libraries. One of the things he suggested is that libraries are really good at checking things out (we have the infrastructure in place) and that we should continue to think about interesting things libraries could circulate.

If you host it, they will come

Every year, the Northeast Kansas Library System hosts a Technology Day; a gathering to learn and talk about technology in libraries. The day features a nationally known keynote speaker and numerous breakout sessions. Attendees are public librarians, academic librarians, school librarians, State Library and regional library system employees, and more. I have had the opportunity to plan this event for NEKLS many times now and am happy to say that the 2012 event (held August 16th) was perhaps the best one yet.

Speaking about small libraries

Kudos to the organizers for featuring an "Innovation in Smaller Libraries" track at this year's Computers in Libraries Conference in DC. It's great to see national level conferences including options like this.

Free and open source software in libraries

Thanks to Jean Montgomery, from the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation in Michigan, for leading today's MaintainIT webinar, "Free and Open Source Software in Libraries". Thanks also to the many participants. It was great to hear about all of interesting free and open source software products being used in libraries.

Learning as I go: thoughts on migrating to Koha (take two)

Remember how I was a library director the last time I blogged about Koha? Life was so much simpler then. Koha migration from the administrative side is full of "opportunities for creative problem solving," like figuring out how to keep track of decisions, discussions, questions, bugs, problems, perks, and quirks related to the catalog and the migration process.

Straight from the Koha files: Migration Migraine

Had a migration meeting on Friday and learned that the timeline has been bumped up by two months! Over Memorial Day Weekend, all holds between our NExpress libraries and the rest of the consortium will be shut off. Questions were brought up about "orphaned" holds and what kind of message a patron will get if/when they try to put a hold on some newly forbidden fruit-like item. I tried not to hyperventilate, but it was hard. This will be quite the public relations challenge, to put a positive spin on it.

Top 10 list of why my patrons will love Koha

Whenever I introduce some new program, service, collection, or web site feature, I have a small worry that it will backfire. If I were in a large system, I'd do surveys and interviews and find out before I launched that it would be well received. Well, I'm not in a big system, so I just do it.

From Sirsi to Koha...

Welcome Sharon Moreland, our most recent guest blogger! Sharon is the Director at the Tonganoxie Public Library in Kansas, and a contributor to the Cookbooks. Sharon will be a regular blogger for MaintainIT, telling the tale of her experiences with Koha as her library starts a new chapter with open source. Welcome, Sharon! (Oh, and I was the one who added the photo of Sharon to her post. I couldn't help myself!) :)

-sarah ----