my pc series

August Webinars: Microsoft Donation Program and Free Windows 7 Curriculum

This month we have three FREE webinars scheduled.

TechSoup's Microsoft Donation Program has been updated and nowit is easier than ever for you to get the software you need, when you need it. We are holding two webinars to provide you with further information on the updates and to help answer questions you may have. To read more about these updates, take a look at this recent blog post. We also have a webinar that will introduce the My PC Series, which includes a free set of workshops and computer class materials designed for adult learners learning basic computer and digital photography skills.

Free Microsoft Windows 7 Curriculum

The My PC Series is a free set of workshops designed for adult learners. Perfect for library patrons and staff, these workshops use Windows®7 and Windows Live™ Essentials to teach basic PC and digital photography skills.