just jump in!

Sometimes the biggest barrier to learning new technology is us. Me. You. And that part, once realized, can be pretty liberating.

That's why I'm always emboldened when I remember all of the impressive librarians we've spotlighted who overcame their fears, or took a giant leap of faith to learn something new that helped their community.

do you Meebo?

I don't consider myself a techie, yet i'm curious about how technology helps folks--including me--accomplish tasks and goals. I like trying out new tools, so when Tena Hanson suggested I use Meebo to interact with attendees at the exhibit hall for the Iowa Small Libraries Online Conference, I jumped at the chance to learn something new.

Like renting a meeting room, virtually.

For those of us who work in small libraries and choose to get involved in the larger library community (whether that’s within the county, state, or beyond), instant messaging has become an essential tool. I use some form of instant messaging (IM) on a daily basis, depending on who I need to talk with and why.