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Lori Reed is most likely a familiar name to you. She's a regular contributor to TechSoup for Libraries and MaintainIT. She recently facilitated an online class for NEFLIN, "Gaming in Libraries", which was based on content from the MaintainIT Cookbook, Planning for Success. I talked to Lori after the session and asked her how it went. Here's her reply.

Notice anything different?

Winston Churchill said, There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”. If you're a regular visitor to this site, you may have noticed a few changes. You'll now find even more resources, in addition to the MaintainIT content. 

5 1/2 Things I Learned While Writing the Cookbooks (Part 2):

Lesson 2: Buying Computers for a Library is More Complicated than it Looks

When I need a computer, I pray to the budget gods, log onto a PC manufacturer’s website (e.g. Dell or HP) and configure a machine. It’s pretty easy and the computer arrives a week or two later.

So I didn’t anticipate going into this project how many things the average systems librarian has to think about when buying computers.  The list below is only partial! But I think I’m hitting the major steps in the process.

Two MaintainIT Webinars this Week!

This Tuesday and Thursday we will be busy webinaring!  We'd love to "see" you there. Register for the free webinars IT Asset Management and Technology Grants for Libraries 101:

IT Asset Management: A MaintainIT Book Club Discussion

A Special Online Event: 23 Things Online Summit

When? Tomorrow, March 3, 11:00am - 1:00pm Pacific (Noon Mountain/1 PM Central/2 PM Eastern)

"23 Things" is a self-directed staff development learning concept centered on social collaboration tools such as blogs and wikis. During this 2 hour Summit, organizers from several successful programs around the nation will share best practices and lessons learned.

Free Webinar: TechSoup for Public Libraries--Donated Software and More!

Through, public libraries can receive brand-new software donated by top companies for use on public access computers.  For example, Microsoft Office Pro 2007 is available for a $20 admin fee or Vista for a $10 admin fee. Not only can you get donated software, you can get articles, a community forum, free webinars and more!

Attend this webinar and learn how your library can benefit from everything that TechSoup has to offer.

A Need for Speed: Bob Bocher on Bandwidth

In the world of library public access computing, it seems that there are two things people always wish for -- more computers and more bandwidth. Yesterday's 30-minute webinar, a collaboration between MaintainIT and WebJunction, focused on bandwidth -- getting more and making the most of what you've got.

Better Together

Thank you to Stephanie Gerding for facilitating today's MaintainIT Book Club Discussion and thank you to the participants for contributing ideas and examples, too. The chapter being discussed was "Effectively Collaborating with Other Libraries and Partners". The discussion is archived if you would like to listen to it.

I iz in your computer

Remote desktop software? Is it for you?


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