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How Much Is That Grant Really Worth?

This post originally appeared on the TechSoup blog. We thought our library audience would appreciate grantseeking and funding advice from Dahna Goldstein, the director of philanthropy solutions at Altum. 

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Not all grants are created equal, and some aren't even worth pursuing. One way to decide which grants to pursue is with a net grant calculation. You can then make the case to your executive director for why a particular grant is not worth chasing.

The net grant calculation helps discern the net monetary value a grant will provide to your organization.

Today and Tomorrow Only: Special Offer from GrantStation

TechSoup and GrantStation are pleased to present a special offer for eligible U.S. public libraries and nonprofit organizations to help you become a successful grant seeker. Connect to thousands of grants and other funding opportunities with a specially discounted membership to GrantStation.

Free Webinar on April 26: Finding Funders

On Thursday, April 26 at 11 a.m. Pacific time, we are holding our second webinar in collaboration with the Foundation Center, Toolkit Essentials: Finding Funders for Your Cause. This webinar is designed to answer one of the most frequently asked question at the Foundation Center: “How do I find funders that are interested in my cause?”

Finding Funding from Foundations: The Foundation Center

Every year, foundations give more than 45 billion dollars in grant funding. And while last year saw a slight drop in funding, forecasts for 2012 are very optimistic for increased giving. While grant opportunities from very large foundations are sometimes very competitive, there are also regional foundations that give only to local organizations and may have less challenging proposal requirements. Do you know how to locate these opportunities?

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Winning Grants Webinar Recap

We had an amazing webinar last week. I had a cold, so if you view/listen to the recording, you will notice a few seconds of silence now and then when I was blowing my nose. Sorry for that…one of the benefits of online training is that I didn’t give anyone my germs!

TechSoup Grant Series Week Six: Implement, Evaluate and Continue the Process

Grant work is an ongoing process, so review your plans and outcomes, see what worked or didn’t work and then you will be prepared and ready for more grant success.

Implementing Your New Project

At this stage in the process, you receive notice from the funder as to whether or not you were awarded the grant.  If you were successful, CELEBRATE! Then:

TechSoup Grant Series Week Five: Write the Winning Grant Proposal

This week in our TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success, we are ready to focus on writing a successful grant proposal. If you use your organization’s strategic plan as a foundation and have a fully developed grant project, this stage of the process should progress smoothly.

TechSoup Grant Series Week Four: Research Funders and Find Appropriate Grants

This week in our TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success, we will identify funders and conduct research to find an appropriate grant opportunity. Last week, you selected a grant project and did some preliminary planning, so now it’s time to hit the books, or more likely, the websites! You will use many resources in your grant research.