Broadband Planning and E-rate for Libraries: Enough Is Never Enough

Broadband sign

Does your library have enough broadband to meet the needs of patrons and staff? Technology use in libraries is at an all-time high. Without enough bandwidth coming into the library, patrons are unable to stay connected, and staff productivity is blocked. How can libraries plan for the future when it comes to broadband? And how can libraries leverage the E-rate program to increase bandwidth and the availability of high-speed Internet?

At our October webinar, we received E-rate advice and practical broadband planning tips from Amber Gregory (Arkansas State Library) and Emily Almond (Georgia Public Library Service).

As Emily said in her presentation: "Broadband is part of what makes libraries a beacon in our society.  Our mission is to provide access to everyone, regardless. We can't do that without broadband."

Here are Emily and Amber's tips for increasing the availability of high-speed Internet for your library.

Net Neutrality Update

Net neutrality and related broadband policies are complex, contentious subjects because all parties realize that the decisions made now could determine the distribution of power on the Internet for decades while also shaping its progress and development. Both sides in this debate have rich, powerful allies. On the pro side is the High Tech Broadband Coalition, whose members include employees from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and the Save the Internet Coalition.