BTOP Projects at Work: Forging Partnerships with ISPs

Remote and low-income communities often have limited choices when it comes to Broadband, and the few options they do have are often cost prohibitive. In these communities, a bit of innovative thinking can make all the difference. Two non-profit organizations are using the funds from the NTIA’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant to partner with ISPs and provide communities in New Mexico and Ohio with Broadband access.

Municipal Broadband is a promising response to underperforming or nonexistent ISPs

When it comes to high-speed Internet access, we exhibit classic symptoms of addiction. That is, we need increasing levels of the desired substance (i.e. bandwidth) to get the same buzz.

Sustainable Broadband Adoption: Are ISPs the Missing Link?

As Sarah mentioned a few weeks ago, TechSoup is currently working on a project funded by the Surdna Foundation to survey the landscape of BTOP-funded public computing initiatives and compile resources, lessons learned, and best practices. It's been fascinating to chat with people about their projects and learn about recent successes and challenges in the world of public access computing.