Tourists, Travelers, and Snowbirds: Empowering Community Leaders to Navigate Broadband

BTOP grants represent a huge opportunity for public libraries and other institutions to redouble the broadband access that they can offer their communities. But of course, with that access means more need for educating and supporting broadband users. For many of the public libraries and community centers I've talked to, how to match that increased access with appropriate staffing remains an open question.

Hiring Trainers for My Community-Based Nonprofit

A few weeks ago, we wrote about ACCEL, the organization managing the Connect Your Community project in Appalachian Ohio. In this guest blog post, Jason Schroeder explains his hiring process for the project. He argues that when hiring public computing trainers, the primary criterion should be community-mindedness, not technical expertise. - Elliot Harmon

Mixed blessing: hiring new staff to implement grant projects

Grants and hiring go hand-in-hand because our ambitions and our current capacity rarely line up precisely. One of the main points of grant programs is they let nonprofits and libraries stretch, build capacity, and accomplish goals beyond their ordinary means. Yet therein lies a conundrum: if a grant project is beyond your current capacity, and you tackle it anyway, you're committing yourself and your colleagues to the difficult work of hiring new staff.