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TechSoup Grant Series Week Six: Implement, Evaluate and Continue the Process

Grant work is an ongoing process, so review your plans and outcomes, see what worked or didn’t work and then you will be prepared and ready for more grant success.

Implementing Your New Project

At this stage in the process, you receive notice from the funder as to whether or not you were awarded the grant.  If you were successful, CELEBRATE! Then:

TechSoup Grant Series Week Five: Write the Winning Grant Proposal

This week in our TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success, we are ready to focus on writing a successful grant proposal. If you use your organization’s strategic plan as a foundation and have a fully developed grant project, this stage of the process should progress smoothly.

Win grants with help from the experts

Today we offered a highly-informative webinar by the immensely-talented Stephanie Gerding, an expert in winning grants. It was a whirlwind of practical, ready-to-use information that will help participants start their projects today. How lucky we are to have Stephanie share her expertise!

TechSoup Grant Series Week Four: Research Funders and Find Appropriate Grants

This week in our TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success, we will identify funders and conduct research to find an appropriate grant opportunity. Last week, you selected a grant project and did some preliminary planning, so now it’s time to hit the books, or more likely, the websites! You will use many resources in your grant research.

TechSoup Grant Series Week Three: Develop the Grant Project

Last week in our TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success!, you examined your strategic plan and needs assessments, identified a need in your community, and began to brainstorm project ideas.

TechSoup Grant Series Week Two: Focus on Priorities and Needs

LGrant Cycleast week, in the first step of our TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success!, we covered how to prepare for grant work by: scheduling time, understanding the benefits and requirements of grant work, getting leadership on board, and finding help through volunteers and supporters to form a grant team.

This week you will:

  1. Focus on priorities and determine needs by: examining strategic plans, assessments, or other tools available to you.
  2. Brainstorm grant project ideas that will really make a difference.

With thorough planning, your grant proposal will be much stronger than other applicants, your grant project will accomplish more and you will fulfill a community need. It is very important to plan your grant project before you write the proposal. Focus on improving the lives of the people you serve, not just getting the money.

TechSoup Grant Series Week One: Prepare

Welcome to the first week in our new grant series, Successful Grants in One Hour a Week. Your first tasks are:

  • Schedule time to complete this series (one hour a week, or more if you can!)
  • Understand the benefits and requirements of grant work
  • Get leadership on board
  • Try to find help!

TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success!

Wish you knew more about applying for grant funding? Does it seem overwhelming and you wonder how to get started? TechSoup is here to help! Our new grant series, Successful Grants in One Hour a Week, will provide you with small steps that cover the entire grant process. Weekly blog posts will outline your steps for the week so you’ll be prepared to apply for a basic grant before the end of the year.

We will cover each phase in the grant writing and submission process: