Escondido Public Library

A list of innovative programs, influenced by a tweet

Today I read Lee Rainie’s tweet (Director of Pew Internet Project) requesting examples of innovative library services and decided to send him a few highlights from this past year. To me, some of the more innovative library programs do not fall under bleeding edge tech or super cool gadgetry categories, but under smart uses of resources to meet community needs. This past year, many of the innovative programs I heard about were focused on extending the boundaries of the library through partnerships and through reimagining services the library  offers.

SEO Series Step Three: Pay attention to inbound marketing

In this step, let's discuss strategies that focus on getting your website listed on sites your target audiences are already visiting. Search engines aren’t the only places where your library can be found on the web. There are plenty of blogs, social networking sites, and directories where potential patrons can discover your library and its services. The bonus is these sites will usually link back to your website and the more inbound links you have, the higher the search engines will rank you in their results.

SEO Series Step Two: Place your keywords in the right places

The first step in our Search Engine Optimization Series involved identifying a list of keywords by exploring which keywords users are actually using to search. Now you want to make sure you are putting the keywords in places on your website where the search engines will find them. It’s important to understand how search engine algorithms determine relevancy. How does Google decide which sites show up in the top ten search results? One way is by weighting keywords based on where they are found on a web page.

Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Step One

There are people in your community who don't use the library. Outreach is a great way to connect with these folks. But how can you make your library visible on the web? Reach people online using search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing techniques. This series of blog posts will get you started with your SEO for your library’s website.