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TechSoup's Marnie Webb on Why We Fight for Libraries Everywhere

Library patrons relaxing and working while sitting on giant books

In April 2018, I had a chance to talk to Oregon librarians at the annual Oregon Public Library Division dinner, in association with the Oregon Library Association conference. This article is an adapted version of the talk I gave there, which is, in turn, an expanded version of Why Libraries Are the Best Place for Us to Work.

How Caravan Studios Develops a Food Desert App at the Indianapolis Public Library

Editor's note: This piece was originally published on and is reprinted here by permission of the author and Caravan Studios.

Our team doesn't have answers. What we have is a process, a methodology.

It might seem strange to admit what we don't have. It's our methodology that gives us that confidence.

We believe that knowledgeable and engaged community members have many answers. We use the first phase of our methodology to facilitate discussions that turn those answers into actionable design questions and technology innovations.

We recently had an opportunity to work with experts and interested people at the Indianapolis Public Library to consider how their ideas might fuel a technological tool that connects people to emergency food assistance. As often happens, we were all surprised by what happened next.

Tell Everyone: Free Meals for Youth!

A recent TechSoup webinar on childhood hunger and tools to find free meals surfaced a lot of interest and ideas on how organizations can help fight hunger. (Watch the archive and download resources shared during the webinar.) If you're interested in tools to help youth in your community find free meals this summer, read on.

The Story of an App

One of the things I like best about working with TechSoup for Libraries is our connection to TechSoup, which provides opportunities for me to think beyond libraries and to consider technology in the broader non-profit environment. Last week I attended attend a TechSoup webinar, Developing Mobile Apps from Idea to Launch. The session featured the story of SafeNight, an app for domestic violence service organizations. The webinar was not specifically about libraries and apps, but I found myself considering possibilities for libraries based on what I was learning.