Library Tech Trends for 2018

Library Tech Trends 2018

What's in store for library tech for 2018? We have lots of important and just plain fun predictions for you, including makerspace programming suggestions, why the printed book will survive another year, some bleeding-edge tech, and a trends prediction by LITA's Christina Geuther. Welcome to 2018!

Technology Book Club: Ideas and Action

Have any of you hosted or participated in a technology book club? We're trying to get a group started here in Kansas, with Making is Connecting as our first title.

Books to the people -- Library-a-Go-Go style!

I'm now in San Francisco at the MaintainIT/TechSoup offices, after having attended the NetSquared conference in San Jose. Post-conference my head is full of ideas about technology and innovation and potential connections. I think there's value in stepping outside of our own specific world of libraries now and then to look at what's happening with technology in other fields. What's happening in the corporate world, for example? Or, as I explored at NetSquared, what's happening in the larger world of non-profits?