Bobbi Newman

Bobbi Newman's Tips for Using Google Reader

Bobbi offers some great tips for dealing with that overloaded feeling we have when faced with too many new items in Google Reader. Primarily, you can 1) organize feeds into categorized folders to help prioritize your subscriptions, and 2) use the anyalytical tools such as subscription and reading trends to weed what you aren't reading regularly. Read her entire blog post. Thanks, Bobbi!

Web 2.0... for your patrons!

An interesting thread on publib last week covered a discussion around web 2.0 and how it's used in libraries. I think Sara Weissman from the Morris County Library (NJ) said it best when she mused, "What are the patrons getting out of any/all of this?" Sara continued, "the most effective channels to/for our patrons, to date, are an events listserv (995 subscribers, no postage!) and electronic reference via good-ole web form/e-mail."