Bess Haile

Notes from a great conference: Library Technology 2011

A couple weeks ago, I had the immense honor of keynoting for the Library Technology Conference at Macalester College in St. Paul. I attended the entire conference (it was most excellent!), and learned so much (more on that later). In my keynote, I talked about the power of a good tech story, which inevitably turned into a storytelling yarn, where I shared some of the highlights of what we're hearing from libraries. Here's a few good stories...

A fund raising success story: Adopt-a-Computer

If the first 5 weeks of 2009 are anything to go by we're going to be too busy to blink our eyes this year. I figured I can take some time off in 2010!

Adopt a computer and sustain your technology

When it comes to the library's computer network, we've been very much like Blanche Dubois, depending on the kindness of strangers. (breathy voice here) Or at least, the kindness of random library supporters. As long as the network was small, with only a scattering of public computers, this has worked – and it has worked for a surprisingly long time.