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Broadband Basics: Webinar Follow-up


Thanks to everyone who attended today's "Broadband Basics for Public Libraries" webinar! A special thanks to guest speaker Kieran Hixon. If you missed the webinar, but are interested in learning more about broadband, you'll definitely want to check out the recording and the resources (linked to below).

Broadband basics: A free webinar


Do you wish you knew more about the basics of broadband, but you don't know who to ask? Join us for a beginner level webinar, which will introduce participants to terms, tools, and concepts that will help increase basic understanding. 

Despite Demand, Libraries Cut Public Access Computing Due to Bandwidth


Internet by rosemarylong on FlickrNot long ago, I blogged here about how many libraries have seen an uptick in demand for their free Internet access as a result of burgeoning unemployment rates. Well, a co-worker dropped the local section of the San Jose Mercury News on my desk last week because of a front-page article that expands on the topic.

The article discussed the Santa Clara Country Library and how they've actually had to shut down public access computers due to the high demand, because their less-than-ideal bandwidth has caused a bottleneck in their ability to provide other critical library services. They've already shut down 1/3 of their more than 400 public access computers to free up network capacity. All this, despite the higher demand from community members who are out of work and need computers to conduct their job searches and many others who've reported that they had to cut their home Internet access because money is tight.

According to one librarian, "The bandwidth is our big bottleneck. Demand has increased exponentially since last fall. It just outpaced us." An IT manager for the library system had this to say about the bandwidth problem, "The bandwidth required for today's user is massive compared to even two years ago. We've seen 200-700 percent increased for just storage for bandwidth."

A Need for Speed: Bob Bocher on Bandwidth


In the world of library public access computing, it seems that there are two things people always wish for -- more computers and more bandwidth. Yesterday's 30-Minute webinar, a collaboration between MaintainIT and WebJunction, focused on bandwidth -- getting more and making the most of what you've got.

Rural Arkansas as the symbol for poor connectivity


In the latest issue of American Libraries, I learned of the attempts of David Burdick, from the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library System to make visible the lack of broadband access in Arkansas public libraries through hearings at the Senate Commerce Committee in Little Rock.

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