Resisting Technological Change: How to Identify and Overcome Resistance from Supervisors

Person rolling a boulder up a hill

Ah, the joy of conferences. Whether you attend a large national event or a small state chapter event, you are sure to come back to the library full of ideas. After all, that is the intended goal — seeing what is and isn't working in other libraries. Implementing these ideas back at your library requires getting other workers on board for the change and also requires selling the change to your supervisor. This is part two of our series on identifying and overcoming resistance to technological change at your library. Find part one on overcoming resistance from co-workers here.

For some, signing up for broadband is not funny or easy

When I read a recent New Yorker "Shouts & Murmurs" piece called "Explaining your Time Warner Bill" I could see how the average New Yorker reader might find it humorous. I mean, the litany of charges are ludicrous and unbelievable ("$4.95 Credit for watching the film 'Old Dogs' in its entirety"). That's funny.