Surveying the BTOP landscape

We work on a lot of projects here at TechSoup that both enhance and inform the services we provide to libraries and nonprofits. One of the projects we're working on currently is an effort funded by the Surdna Foundation to gather resources to help organizations that received BTOP funding.

Like the work we did on the MaintainIT Project to create the Cookbooks, From Flickr user tvolthis project is jointly a fact-finding mission and a sharing endeavor. Right now, we're talking to folks who received BTOP funding and who are actively implementing their projects. We have some assumptions about the types of resources these organizations might need, but we're conducting interviews with open minds and blank slates. It's our expectation that much like our work with libraries on this site, nonprofits and libraries involved in BTOP-funded projects will inform the resources we deliver at the end of this project. 

It's interesting work that highlights what we do here at TechSoup: we convene. We amass the stories and experiences from libraries and nonprofits and share them in meaningful ways. Sometimes a webinar, other times an article or a link to a good resource, and always we're a conduit to what we're hearing in the field. This project is particularly interesting because it places nonprofits and libraries in the same knowledge bucket: both are pursuing projects associated with broadband, and both have an opportunity to learn from each other.

Over time, we'll blog about what we're hearing from libraries and nonrprofits, and it's our hope that if you're working on a project to improve broadband access or adoption--BTOP-funded or not--you'll weigh in and tell us your story. The more information we can gather about project successes and challenges, the richer and more meaningful the resources we'll create and share.

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