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Tips for Technology Grant Success


Many librarians are new to grant work and it can seem a bit intimidating to get started. However, grant work is really about five things librarians are great at: finding information, answering questions, building relationships, serving the community, and being trustworthy and dependable.

Product Demo Video: Mobile Beacon


Does your library have a slow Internet connection or bandwidth constraints? Would you like to "loan out the Internet" to patrons via mobile hotspots, just like Providence Community Library (RI) and Salado Public Library (TX)? Maybe you want to take training out of the building, like the Poudre River Public Library District's Tech-a-la-Carte program, but you're not sure how to make it happen. With a couple of laptops (or tablets) and a mobile broadband device (like Mobile Beacon), you can take your technology almost anywhere.

Maximizing Your Harvest: Technology Training Tips


If you work in a public library, you know there is definitely a thirst for knowledge when it comes to technology. Providing technology access, services and training is just not an option anymore. According to the FCC, digital literacy is one of the top three reasons Americans don’t use PCs and the Internet, with 46% of non-users lacking the necessary skills. 

Special GrantStation Offer: May 21 and May 22


TechSoup and GrantStation are pleased to present a special offer for eligible U.S. public libraries, nonprofits, and charities to help you win more grant awards with access to an online grant database, targeted grant research, and insider strategies. Connect to thousands of federal and state grants and other funding opportunities with a specially discounted membership to GrantStation.

Enter Your Digital Story Before April 30!


Our Digital Storytelling Challenge has only a few days left. We've shared lots of learning this month (all archived here) with webinars, tweet chats, and blogs.

Thanks to our Guest Bloggers and Speakers!


Happy Spring! In case you missed our newsletter this month, you can view it online, and you can also sign up to make sure it is emailed to you next month. Find out about our upcoming free webinars, our monthly survey, and our library in the spotlight.

TechSoup's Digital Storytelling Challenge: Share Your Story with Us!


At TechSoup, we’re dedicated to providing your library, nonprofit or charity with the resources it needs to tell its story. Participate in our interactive trainings all month to learn valuable production techniques, then create your 90-second video or five-image slideshow, and enter it to win. Your stories inspire others, so let's share them! 

Into the Cloud: free webinar next week


If you were to turn off all the electricity to your organization's offices, what would happen? Could you still operate your library or nonprofit? Join our webinar for a discussion about taking your organization virtual and what you can do to become less dependent on internal IT and in-house systems.

Buy and Maintain Public Access Computers and Labs: the easy way!


Do you want to find ways to make it easier and cheaper to set up, improve, or simply maintain your public library computers or training lab?

Register for our free webinar on Thursday, February 21 at 11 a.m. Pacific time to find out find out about the TechSoup donation that could make your life easier and extend your tech budget at the same time! Microsoft's Windows MultiPoint Server can save you over 60% in costs and upkeep.

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