Steal these tech trainer competencies

The Colorado State Library has developed a set of competencies for technology trainers as a part of the Colorado Public Computer Centers program (funded by the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program). These competencies focus on the skills needed to teach technology in a library context.  They are based on existing trainer competencies, and integrate technology as the primary subject of instruction.

Technology training refers to any type of instruction given on computers or other technology, whether to a class of students in a computer lab, or one-on-one assistance given to a library patron on public access computers. Technology assistance is becoming increasingly common in libraries, but many library staff have not received adequate training to give instructional assistance in this regard.

These competencies can be used to assess what training needs to be given to staff. We have also developed a series of "Train the Technology Trainer" workshops that correlate to the competencies. The trainings are meant to fulfill the competencies, and are divided into modules based on specific job duties.

It is our hope that these competencies will help pave the way for additional training for public service staff in libraries, to help support their new role as technology trainers.

Are you using competencies for technology trainers in your library? Do you have any ideas for making these competencies more useful? We would love to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment, below!

These competencies have been developed by Crystal Schimpf, Kieran Hixon, and Nancy Trimm, Public Computer Center Trainers at the Colorado State Library. Please credit the Colorado State library if you choose to use or adapt these competencies for your organization.