Staffing for Technical Support


While this recent article on TechSoup highlighting NPower's work is largely targetted at non-profits, I thought this NPower work could inspire some food for thought for public libraries.
- John

Advice on key questions about technology staffing at nonprofits

EXCERPT: "Technology staffing can be a challenge for nonprofits. You need technical services to support your mission, but technology is not often a core competency. As a result, your technology needs may be understaffed, inconsistently supported, or even overstaffed.This downloadable guide distills NPower New York's interactions with multiple organizations, large and small, and offers advice on key questions about technology staffing, including..."

Article @ Staffing for Technical Support




Technical Support staffing can be challenging for nonprofit organizations. Though you need technical services to support your mission, technology is not always a core competency. Obviously, this is something you should be attentive to when hiring staff. There might be many cases where your technology needs may be understaffed or overstaffed. This could further result in the whole process being non-effectiveness. Technical support may come from different sources, including full time staff dedicated to technology, accidental tech savvy guys or proxy runners on the program, and external vendors contracted to support particular applications or devices. However the key question remains the same; how to direct the technical operations efficiently?