Staff Technology Skills: Stories and Resources

Next week, we'll be talking to Mick Jacobsen and Toby Greenwalt about staff technology skills training (register here). It's an important topic and one we regularly address here at TechSoup. As we prepare for next week, we've gathered some of our favorite recent posts and spotlights related to staff training. Enjoy!

Featuring: Alexis Caudell, Mitchell, Indiana

Highlight: Alexis made sure that tech competencies were part of every person's job descriptions, found simple training tools, implemented monthly staff classes, had all employees set measureable goals, and made tech skills count as 30% of performance evaluations. This combination of strategies means that everybody knows exactly what's expected of them, and that they're set up for success since the library is providing the training and the time to take it.

Featuring: Stephanie Gerding, Brenda Hough, and tech trainers from around the country

Highlight: Stephanie Gerding and I facilitated a discussion with technology trainers from around the country. This post includes a long list of recommended resources from the session.


Featuring: Scott Sime, Johnson County Library

Highlight: From hiring technology-minded people to getting management behind projects and programs, from finding the right way to train and communicate with staff members as well as taking chances on pilot programs, Scott has helped to create a library system where the community can visit any branch to get help with their technology.

Featuring: Penny Talbert and Stephanie Zimmerman, PA

Highlight: During this webinar recording, Penny Talbert and Stephanie Zimmerman discuss the Ephrata (PA) Public Library's approach to increasing staff technology know-how with competencies.


These are all stories of success with Edge Initiative Benchmark 8: Libraries have sufficient staff with technology expertise to help patrons achieve their goals. Thank you to these librarians for sharing their stories! Please join us next week to hear more on this topic from Mick Jacobsen and Toby Greenwalt, Skokie (IL) Public Library.