Staff Technology Skills: Ephrata Public Library (PA)

Updated Date!! Penny Talbert and Stephanie Zimmerman will be the guest speakers for next week's Benchmark 11 webinar on staff training. I just love the Ephrata Public Library LibGuide for staff technology competencies. 

We'd love to have you attend the webinar on October 30th. Take a look at the EPL LibGuide for a preview of the types of things Penny and Stephanie will discuss.

Some of my favorite things included in the guide include:

  • Practical diagrams - see the hardware page, for example.
  • Training to help prepare staff for upcoming technology services (a chance to learn before the service is live) - see the Zinio page, for example.
  • Useful information on conceptual issues - see the copyright and then CIPA pages, for example
  • Review questions for the exams that are part of the competencies

Tuesday's webinar will include a lot of time for questions and answers from participants. Hope to see you there!

Due to Hurricane Sandy, this webinar is being postponed until December 4th at 2 PM. Register for the December 4th session at