Speaking about small libraries

Kudos to the organizers for featuring an "Innovation in Smaller Libraries" track at this year's Computers in Libraries Conference in DC. It's great to see national level conferences including options like this.

We've been planning for so long that I can't believe that it in less than one week Heather Braum (NEKLS), Jessamyn West, and I will be presenting our "Tiny Libraries, Tiny Tech, Innovative Services" session. Jessamyn always has interesting things to say and Heather and I are excited to be able to highlight some of the exciting projects and programs we are aware of -- many of them created by people who are also MaintainIT contributors.

If you're going to be at the conference, please stop by our session and say hello! If you're not at the conference, I'm going to post our handouts, photos, and a recap here after the session is over.