Smiles are free and abundant

I love learning about libraries, and what I particularly enjoy is hearing about what librarians love about their library. I've asked each librarian to share their thoughts on this topic, and it was Sue's answer, from the Grass Valley branch of the Nevada County Library, that has remained in my mind.

Grass Valley branchGrass Valley branch

"When they walk in, they always get a smile" was the first thing she said. She loves her Carnegie library. Although the building suffers from disrepair, it is obviously well-loved by Sue and her patrons. She shared that the 1906 building is in the center of town and has but one parking spot, a feature that keeps it from being expanded, but also retains the original stature. The library is always lively; people walk in, park down the street, and keep her busy. She has a lot of pride and investment in her library, and it shows.