Scholarships for the upcoming 2010 ARSL conference

I'm a big fan of the ARSL conference, so I was thrilled when I heard news of scholarships for librarians interested in attending the 2010 event in Denver this fall. There are three available scholarships, and to apply, you'll need to complete a form and write an essay explaining why you'd like to go.

Now, I'm not one to break rules or share cheat sheets, but I'll tell you three reasons why you should go to the ARSL conference:

  1. Learn how innovation happens at rural libraries. Some of the smartest ideas come from rural libraries, where creativity is king and dedication is paramount.
  2. The ARSL conference is like a small town: friendly folks who take time to get to know you. Create real connections and learn from those who will inspire you to try something new at your library.
  3. Denver is fun!

I could go on and on, but instead, here's the important information on appying for a scholarship:

ARSL is offering three annual conference scholarships to promote the organization and the conference.  They are the Dr. Bernard Vavrek Scholarship, the Founders Scholarship and the Ken Davenport Scholarship.

The Dr. Bernard Vavrek Scholarship will go to a current LIS student.  It includes conference registration, hotel, $500 stipend and a free one-year membership in ARSL.  

The Founders Scholarship and the Ken Davenport scholarship will go to a current library professional.  They include conference registration, hotel, a $500 stipend and a free one-year membership in ARSL.  The definition of a “Library Professional” is a library staff member working in a small and/or rural library.  A degree or certification is not required.

Candidates do not need to be members of ARSL.

The committee is asking candidates for either scholarship type for a briefly worded essay - “Why I Want To Go!” - and an application form.

The winners should have not attended the ARSL conference before and will be required to write a short blog entry on the blog to talk about the conference experience.  

Applications are available on or can be obtained by contacting the scholarship committee chair, Shirley Vonderhaar at

Application deadline is July 1, 2010.  Scholarships will be announced on July 28th.  Send completed applications by email, fax or mail to:

Shirley Vonderhaar
James Kennedy Public Library
320 1st Ave East
Dyersville, IA 52040
Phone: 563-875-8912  Fax: 563-875-6162