21 June 2017 - 8:51am | by Sarah Washburn

Editor's note: This piece was originally published on and is reprinted here by permission of the author and Caravan Studios.

Our team doesn't have answers. What we have is a process, a methodology.

It might seem strange to admit what we don't have. It's our methodology that gives us that confidence.

We believe that knowledgeable and engaged community members have many answers. We use the first phase of our methodology to facilitate discussions that turn those answers into actionable design questions and technology innovations.

We recently had an opportunity to work with experts and interested people at the Indianapolis Public Library to consider how their ideas might fuel a technological tool that connects people to emergency food assistance. As often happens, we were all surprised by what happened next.

6 April 2017 - 12:00am | by Sarah Washburn

#SaveIMLS - Thanks to The Institute of Museum and Library Services data, TechSoup has made a larger impact. Served 9,521 libraries; Provided 178,782,415 dollars (FMV) in tech to libraries; Saved libraries 169,542,344 dollars

At TechSoup, our work is never solitary. We benefit from the resources, brainpower, and strength of organizations and individuals to help us support NGOs and public libraries worldwide. Our relationships boost our impact far beyond what we might have achieved alone.

21 October 2015 - 5:08pm | by Sarah Washburn

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. TechSoup is participating by amplifying what other agencies, collaborators, and libraries in our network are doing to raise awareness around this important issue. Here are a few ways libraries are participating this month.

11 May 2015 - 4:03pm | by Sarah Washburn

Last year was our first summer launching Range, an app that helps libraries, community leaders, and other trusted referrers locate free summer meals for youth.

We learned a lot. We learned who really used Range and how referrers shared information with youth and families. We learned that public librarians tended to print our posters to share Range with their community, we learned that food bank staff were using Range to refer youth and families to free meal sites, and we learned that app users wanted Range to also include information about safe places for youth.

And because we know libraries, we knew they were the perfect safe place.

30 May 2014 - 4:02pm | by Sarah Washburn

A recent TechSoup webinar on childhood hunger and tools to find free meals surfaced a lot of interest and ideas on how organizations can help fight hunger. (Watch the archive and download resources shared during the webinar.) If you're interested in tools to help youth in your community find free meals this summer, read on.

3 December 2013 - 2:31pm | by Sarah Washburn

Libraries often play a big part in the moments and months after a natural disaster. Mostly, libraries offer refuge, comfort, and contact; they're a warm place with big hearts filled with folks who know how to find help. But after those first few days of extreme need, what else can libraries offer?

16 October 2013 - 3:14pm | by Sarah Washburn

There's a lot of talk about the value in leaving the library building. Not for patrons, mind you, but for staff. I'm often reminded of a marvelous tip I learned from Gail Santy, a presenter at the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference last year (handouts from her presentation).

22 May 2013 - 12:07pm | by Sarah Washburn

My friend and colleague Susan McVey, State Librarian of Oklahoma, encouraged me to share a post from Anne Masters, Director of the Pioneer Library System, which is near areas affected by the recent and tragic tornado. Find out how you can help.

18 April 2013 - 4:21pm | by Sarah Washburn

Find resources and ideas for finding and training people who can effectively guide your community in Internet adoption.

A trainer teaches a group at a row of computer workstations

12 March 2013 - 3:37pm | by Sarah Washburn

We've interviewed a lot of people from libraries for the Edge Initiative. In our interviews we're trying to uncover what factors or best practices aligned to create a situation for success in a particular benchmark area. In our seven published Edge Spotlights, we uncovered that it all comes down to...