Purple haze over Plumas County, CA

Well, maybe pink, or even salmon-colored.

When I popped my trunk this morning, ash floated around me, sliding off my car. A fire was moving in our direction, but there was no real sign of it... yet.

the fire draws nearthe fire draws nearBy the time we were packing up the bookmobile, the skies were an ominous color, thick with sooty clouds. The sky was reminiscent of an threatening tornado, or a variety of impending doom. The ash and thickening smoke also began to coat our lungs, and caused my head to ache. The fire was about 35 miles away, and according to a fire services official, there were 1000 people dedicated to fighting it. As we drove in the opposite direction, we continued to skirt around the growing ash clouds, and by the time we reached Nevada City, the sun was a bright pink, and the sky resembled dusk, yet the ash had subsided, as did my headache.


I was concerned about you, and our library friends in Plumas County when I learned about the fire this morning. I hope all the librarians up there are safe, and none of the libraries is in the path of the fire.

Thanks, Barbara. Yes, we're okay, and have continued to see the remnants of the fire as we continue on our travels. Mostly, we see hazy skies and brilliant red sunsets. At the Nevada County Library earlier today, there was a fire near-ish to the library that left many patrons worried about their homes, and kept the librarians busy, accessing online resources to give patrons updates on the fire's path. And then tonight at dinner, we sat near 10 or so forest firefighters who had just left the Plumas County fire scene.

We're definitely in fire season right now, and it's a bit scary.