on not reinventing the wheel...

All sorts of ideas are coming together this fine December morning...

First, I wanted to tout the inspired work of Annie Adamson, the System Administrator/Teen Young Adult Librarian/Reference Clerk -- that's a lot of hats! -- at the Caldwell Public Library in Caldwell, ID. You can read more about her in the latest Library Feature.

And then, after reading what Becky Heil from the Dubuque County Library in Iowa posted in the MaintainIT Forum on WebJunction...

"I really like the idea of not having to reinvent the wheel. I am always looking to other libraries for help and inspiration. That is why I think MaintainIT is such a good project."

... I read about the Library Instruction Wiki on LibrarianInBlack.net (thanks Sarah!). What a terrific idea!

I'm certain this will help trainer librarians like Annie and others find useful resources for their staff and public training efforts. No need to reinvent handouts and other materials when you can select from resources other public libraries created.

AND... be sure to upload your resources, too! The Library Instruction Wiki could sure use more resources from public libraries!

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