NEEDED: Library Grant Success Stories

If you visit our site regularly or attend our webinars, you'll likely recognize the name of one of MaintainIT's prized Contributors, Stephanie Gerding. You may also know that she's a marvel, sharing her expertise in many fields, including helping libraries find and get grants.

Successfully securing grant funding these days is a coveted skill, and Stephanie believes (rightfully so) that your experiences will help other libraries in their efforts. She'll share the wealth by including your successes in her next book!  What a terrific way to share information to a wider audience AND get your library's success story published.

If you're saying to yourself, "this is a great idea, but we need help! We don't have any success stories yet, and I can't wait for the book to be published," you're in luck. As I mentioned before, Stephanie is a marvel, and she's been culling and making public all sorts of resources. Here's a quick list:

A blog: Library Grants Blog
A MaintainIT archived webinar: "Technology Grants for Libraries"
A book: "Grants for Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Manual & CD-ROM"

If you DO have success stories, here are the details, straight from the source:

See Your Grant Success Story in a Neal-Schuman Book by Stephanie Gerding and Pam MacKellar. 16 library grant success stories were highlighted in our last Neal-Schuman book, Grants for Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Manual. Now is your chance to be included in our next book! Readers would love to learn about a successful grant your library has received.

Tell us of your accomplishments, both planned and unexpected. Please complete a brief online template by May 31, 2009 at

We also have a VIDEO CONTEST! Just submit a 5 minute video about your library grant success story by June 30, 2009 for your chance to be spotlighted in our new book and DVD. Your video could include a tour of a grant project, interviews with grant team members or people who benefited from the grant, tips about grant writing or any part of the grant process. Please limit to 5 minutes or less, and be engaging! More details are available online and you can submit at YouTube in the Library Grants Group.

Thank you!

Stephanie Gerding & Pam MacKellar

Be a part of helping others sustain programs and projects at their library by sharing your ideas. No grant is too small and as we like to say around here, "don't forget that what might be 'that's nothing' to you may be an 'aha!' to someone else!" Stop others from reinventing the wheel, and share your story with this valuable effort. Thanks!