Mini Cookbook

I’ve met so many superstars on this trip, and look forward to meeting more. At each library, I sometimes feel like a walking Cookbook: I share stories, I offer solutions I’ve heard from libraries, and I capture the triumphs and challenges each step of the way. Here’s a brief synopsis of just a few shining moments:

Margaret Miles, from Plumas County Library, talking about public training, and the benefits to her community and staff.

Claire Stafford, from Nevada County library, who has a unique (and brilliant!) view of the communication gap between libraries and tech support personnel.

Andrea Wilson from the Plumas County Greenville branch who runs reports that record patron usage—a feature she unearthed and figured out how to use that’s a real boon to the reporting process.

Eric Brooks from the Placer County Library who understands the importance of patience, of thoughtful consideration, and of sharing knowledge.

Linda Hale from the Portola branch of the Plumas County Library who records steps for basic troubleshooting and other important technical information, and leaves it at the point of need around the library for staff to use.

The Nevada County Library staff that implemented naming each public computer in a way that’s fun, memorable, and helps both the patrons and the staff navigate and monitor their bank of computers.

Jody and Estelle from Orland Free Library, who immediately took to the idea of creating a blog for their library, and as their first post, announced the library is now open on Fridays. Hooray!


what a great list of new friends and collaborators. it will be exciting to see the new cookbook benefit from the librarians you've met while on the bookmobile.

Neat summary of some creative solutions that can be used by other libraries. I'll be sure to use some of these examples when I present at the Association of Rural and Small Libraries in a couple of weeks.