Libraries fostering content creation: Webinar follow-up

Thanks to everyone who attended today's webinar, "From Content Consumers to Content Creators." I would like to give a special thanks to Donna Feddern, who shared her experiences working on LibraryYOU at the Escondido Public Library.

If you missed the session, don't worry - it was recorded! If you attended the session, you may be interested in some of the resources that were discussed. Links to those resources are included below. Please feel free to post follow-up questions here in the blog comments. We can continue the conversation!


LibraryYOU Links:

 TechSoup Resources:

Other examples of libraries fostering content creation:

Upcoming webinars:





Is the LibraryYOU content stored in a digital repository such as contentDM or Greenstone  (including metadata) or is it stored only on Vimeo and Libsyn?  Donna replied, "This is something we are currently researching. Right now, we only store content on our hard drives and on Vimeo and LibSyn. We are looking into Digital Asset Management and long-term storage solutions. Would love any input from others who have already done similar projects."

Q. Do you limit the time for the participants?

Answer from Donna, "We didn't but we are changing that. With limited staff, we will be trying to do one video per person and focus on new contributors.If someone is very interested in learning to use the equipment, it would be good if the library could give them more time with the equipment - perhaps in exchange for them going on to volunteer to work with future participants."

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