Let's talk about tablets!

At TechSoup for Libraries, we collect stories and information from libraries and then share! We exist to help libraries learn from the experiences of others. We're currently working on an article covering tablets in the library and we'd love to hear about (and share) your experiences.

Libraries already providing tablets for public use... would you take a few minutes to share your story?

Please email us at techsoupforlibraries (at) techsoupglobal.org.

We'd love to hear about popular apps, but we'd also like some of the other nitty gritty practical details, too. How do you secure the tablets? Are they only for kids or teens or do you have tablets for adults to use, too? Are they tethered to a table or do you keep them behind the desk and check them out for in library use? Do you have a policy that relates to their use?

Thank you for your time! We'll share responses in a post that is coming soon.