Last-minute technical issues in Auburn, CA

We've arrived in Auburn, CA, and have already checked out the library. As it is a holiday, the building was closed, but we did wander around a bit, and came upon this, which is easily the most interesting library signage I've seen. There's also an amphitheater nearby, which creates a pretty and pastoral scene. I'm excited to see the inside.

Tonight we tried to hook up our personal computers to the printer inside the bookmobile, and had some technical difficulties. Isn't that the way? We'll talk with the people in the know tomorrow morning, and hopefully they can help us. Many of our motel neighbors slowed their pace as they walked by. I imagine we were a sight to behold, what with "free books!" painted all over our van with a satellite dish on top, and then us: two of us balancing laptops, one recording our movements with a camcorder and me taking photos with a flash, a guy with a headlamp, a 100-foot extension cord trailing out our door, and if you looked closely, a large printer and other various technologies tucked inside the vehicle. As it was nighttime, try as we might, it was impossible to be inconspicuous in our motel parking lot. Check out the photos for yourself!