It's like a juke box that dispenses books!

Loren MccRory, Director of the Yuba County Library in Marysville, CA, is a frequent contributor to the MaintainIT Project. She has shared her experiences in the Cookbooks, she was highlighted in a Library Spotlight, and she guest blogs for the project.

Loren's most recent contribution was an article on her library's experience with a Swedish book kiosk called GoLibrary. This futuristic ATM-like structure allows patrons to view and check out books, and voila! The machine kindly distibutes the chosen book, just like a vending machine (without the tricky metal curlicues that too often snag on a snack).

This grand experiment in strategic thinking and project management had its snags and learning moments for sure, which Loren outlines in her piece. What was most interesting to me was Loren's discussion of how communication played such a vital role in making this project happen.  It may seem obvious, but when working on a brand-new project where determining roles and responsibilities is part of the experiment, clarity and communication are key.

Take a moment to read about Loren's adventures: Swedish Book Kiosk Travels to Rural California. You'll be glad you did! 




this seems similar to the automation of medical supplies (that brings along with it efficiency and cost reductions). now librarians will have more time to other things to help us... instead of "bookkeeping." bad pun i know.... hope this increases jobs.