Itasca Community Library's Vision Center

Thank you again to Soon Har Tan from the Itasca Community Library (IL) and Tom Perski from The Chicago Lighthouse for starring in today's Edge Initiative webinar! If you missed the session, you'll be glad to know it was recorded. The archive is available now.

Soon Har and Tom's addressed the important topic of assistive technology for people who are blind or who have vision impairments. Today's session told the story of the development of Itasca's Vision Center and gave other libraries ideas and inspiration for their own communities.

Resources from Today's Session Include:

Are there other resources that I should add to this list? Please feel free to add in the comments and I will add to the list.

Today's webinar was provided in support of the Edge Initiative, which was developed by a national coalition of leading library and local government organizations, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and led by the Urban Libraries Council. Edge helps libraries create a path for the continuous growth and development of their public technology services. The Edge toolkit includes Benchmarks that can be used to assess and improve library technology services. Today's webinar highlights success with Benchmark 11: Libraries ensure participation in digital technology for people with disabilities.

Join us on December 3rd for our next Edge Initiative webinar! Samantha Becker from the University of Washington will be talking about the Impact Survey, a way for libraries to learn about the technology needs of their communities. Register at: