I'm going to ARSL 2011, are you?

If you don't know what ARSL is or why you should go, you should. Allow me to take a few steps back to get everyone up to speed: ARSL is the most excellent Association for Rural and Small Libraries, and next month is the organization's annual conference, where rural and small librarians and staff gather to learn from each other. Sound too good to be true?

I'm nolearning from each other's experiencest shy about sharing my love for this conference. In fact, just this morning I announced in my TechSoup staff meeting that this conference is an annual highlight for me, and how excited I am to be joined by my colleague, Kyla Hunt, as we travel to Frisco, TX next week. We'll be sure to share news of our exploits, photos from our experiences, and many best practices learned, as each year this conference proves to be a treasure trove of innovation and ideas that small, medium, and large libraries should take advantage of.

If you plan to be in Frisco, please say hello!