How do you DIY at your library?

All month we've been focusing on DIY in a Day! Do it yourself (DIY) is defined as creating, modifying, or fixing something without the aid of experts or professionals. Often library staff wear many hats, and we learn to be very adept at DIY whether it is fixing a leaky toilet or helping someone set up an email account.

We've been featuring DIY ideas on our blog around proects you can incorporate into your library. How do you "DIY" at your library? Do you have projects or ideas that someone could do in a day? Share your tips for something a peer could easily replicate, such as getting involved with social technologies, using volunteers, and even simple ways to “green” your library. We'll compile your examples and share them on our blog. Please take a moment to answer our two question survey. We rely on your thoughts and experiences to create practical and useful resources for libraries.