Hot Off the Press, the New Edition of Winning Grants: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians

Winning Grants, Second Edition: A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians

I want to announce to all TechSoup for Libraries readers that Pamela MacKellar and I have just published the second edition of Winning Grants: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians. It is published by ALA Neal-Schuman. We sincerely hope that you like the new edition!

A One-Stop Tool

Winning Grants is for anyone interested in learning about grants and writing proposals to fund all types of library programs and projects. This updated edition of Winning Grants aims to keep you current and help you hone your grant skills. We designed Winning Grants: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians as a one-stop tool with both how-to advice and successful examples that can help anyone associated with library grant work. Inside you will find worksheets, examples, checklists, and an easy-to-follow, step-by-step grant process cycle — all intended to help you prepare, submit, and implement a winning grant project.

Our knowledge stems from successful experience in every aspect of grant work — as grant writers, grant evaluators, grant funders, and grant project managers. We have worked for library nonprofits, universities, school libraries, public libraries, special libraries, and state library agencies and have received grant funding from both government and private sources. We present workshops online and around the world and consult with libraries, and we have found that our process works for all types and sizes of libraries.

The Grant Process Cycle: Plan for Success; Design Winning Grant Projects; Research Funders and Grant Opportunities; Create the Winning Proposal; Implement, Evaluate, Continue

Library Advantages in the Grant Process

Our hope is that Winning Grants will help your library as you create successful proposals and generate new sources of grant funding for your initiatives. We also hope the grant process will become less a mystery and more an enjoyable adventure. Your journey may include a little trepidation, but remember that writing a successful grant is achievable. Librarians have distinct advantages in the grant process. We know how to research, attract partners and collaborators, and discover our community needs. We also have a wealth of creative ideas for serving our users and furthering the pursuit of knowledge. By showing the passion you have for your work in the context of a grant proposal, you are sure to find success.

Finding Grant Opportunities on the Library Grants Blog

Grant projects come in all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of libraries, serving diverse communities. There is funding available through government and private sources, and many partners welcome a partnership with libraries in grantseeking. You can visit our Library Grants blog for new library grant opportunities. The book also includes success stories submitted from libraries around the country, including Rancho Cucamonga Library (California), Pueblo of Pojoaque Public Library (New Mexico), Skokie Public Library (Illinois), Woodrow Wilson High School (Texas), Troy University (Aabama), and Rio Rancho Public Library (New Mexico).

The Virtues of Small Grants

There is more to gain from grant work than a boost to the library budget. Even small grants can be worth the effort, as they may be easier to obtain and may better fit the scope and intent of a library project. A small grant can also be a good way to test out an innovative service.

Grants can make a huge difference in a library's ability to meet identified community needs, build strong community partnerships, establish new connections, and increase the sustainability of the library itself. Winning a grant is a great accomplishment, and people want to be associated with successful operations. Often one grant will lead to others as well as increased support from library communities.

All You Need

With inspiration from others and by using the worksheets and checklists provided, you will be well prepared to seek grants for your own library's projects. There will be nothing holding you back, no reason to hesitate. Good luck with your grant work!