From the Archives: 11 Edge Benchmark Webinars

Have you heard of the Library Edge project? If you're a regular visitor to our site, you have seen resources and stories we're shared in support of the project over the last year. You may also have attended one of our Library Edge Benchmark webinars. The Edge Benchmarks are the driving force behind the Edge Initiative. The benchmarks can help library staff understand best practices in  public access technology services for their communities and determine what steps they need to take to improve their public technology. 

The eleven Edge benchmarks are divided into three main categories, including: Community Value (Benchmarks 1-3), Engaging the Community & Decision Makers (Benchmarks 4-6), and Organizational Management (Benchmarks 7-11). To help libraries understand and consider these benchmarks, we have been hosting webinars with library guests and experts. Here's a compilation of the benchmark webinars offered over by TechSoup for Libraries over the last year. All of the webinars have been recorded and can be connected to here.

Community Value

Benchmark 1: Libraries provide assistance and training with the goal of increasing the level of digital literacy in the community

Benchmark 2: Libraries provide access to relevant digital content and enable community members to create their own digital content

Benchmark 3: Libraries provide technology resources to help patrons meet important needs related to personal goals and community priorities

Engaging the Community

Benchmark 4: Libraries make strategic decisions based on community priorities for digital inclusion and innovation

Benchmark 5: Libraries build strategic relationships with community partners to maximize public access technology resources and services provided to the community

Benchmark 6: Libraries support continuous improvement in public access technology services by sharing expertise & best practices with other digital inclusion organizations

Organizational Management

Benchmark 7: Libraries integrate public access technology into planning and policies

Benchmark 8: Libraries have sufficient staff with technology expertise to help patrons achieve their goals

Benchmark 9: Libraries have sufficient devices and bandwidth to accommodate user demand

Benchmark 10: Libraries manage their technology resources to maximize quality

Benchmark 11: Libraries ensure participation in digital technology for people with disabilities

Thank you to the librarians who have contributed their time,

experience, and stories to these sessions!