Free support desk software: Ilient Sysaid

Getting overwhelmed tracking your tech support issues? The free version of Ilient Sysaid might help. Technology and Training Specialist Jaketha Farmer of the Lamar County Public Library in Mississippi informed us about the downloadable application that she's been using to track her library staff's requests.

The Web-based help desk application (hosted on your own server), allows her to create up to 100 accounts for her co-workers. The free version allows two administrators to manage it, and includes reporting and IT inventory features.


I recently came across this software package that also allows you to track help desk requests in addition to other features that include an inventory of your network's resources and also querying that inventory to help with troubleshooting. It is free if you are willing to put up with the ads. I had to run the inventory tool a couple times to get some information it missed the first time, but it picked up on the fact that the anti-virus software on several computers was either out-of-date or non-existent. Across a medium or large network, it oculd be an interesting tool to help someone manage all the tasks of keeping technology up and running.

My company (SAManage) is a provider on on-demand IT Asset Management service. Our service helps companies of all sizes manage computers and software inventory, organize software licenses and IT Contracts and detect risks (both IT risks such as illegal software or missing anti-virus protection) and software license compliance risks. The service is on-demand so no software or servers are required and most of our customers activate it within minutes and get immediate value. We offer a FREE 30-days trial at

If you're looking for more help desk software (other than just Sysaid) you might try starting at Capterra, with the help desk software directory. It lists a bunch of software similar to Sysaid (including many free solutions).

We were using Sysaid in the past but then moved to Jitbit helpdesk ticketing system after reviewing the alternatives at Spiceworks's direcotry. They also offer a self-hosted (on-premise) version as well as the cloud-hosted one, that was the main reason (we're a healthcare organization so we have a policy of keeping all the data in-house). Their free demo version has no time-limit so you basically get a free helpdesk app (some minor features are blocked tho)

We definetly need to track our issues regarding our Callcenter Software. Especially if it's a webbased application to check the issues and with that being able to manage them through hosting the software on one of your own servers is amazing.