Flickr for GOOD!

Today, Flickr and TechSoup joined forces to offer a terrific program for public libraries and non-profits, called Flickr for Good.

What does this mean for public libraries? Well, it means you can buy multiple accounts at a reduced price, which is pretty cool. For more information, go to TechSoup's Flickr donation page to find out how you can join the denizens of libraries that tout their programs, their services, their librarians and staff, and the people who enjoy the library each day.

Here at MaintainIT, we have an active flickr page that includes MaintainIT contributors, events we attend, bookmobiles we drive, and even photos of librarians with their Cookbooks. Check it out!

Still not convinced Flickr is a great tool? Check out my friend Michael Porter's (aka Libraryman) impressive libraries and librarians Flickr group and you'll agree: Flickr is a powerful way for libraries to not just talk the talk, but show it, too.

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