Donated Technology Helps Libraries Save Money and Time

$19 Million Saved with TechSoup for Libraries

Yes, you read that correctly: The donation and discount programs through TechSoup for Libraries saved public libraries a total of $19 million in 2014. That's a lot of e-readers, tech instructors, resume reviewers, new hires, flyers, 3D printers … and so on.

When libraries get technology through TechSoup's donation program, there are two benefits:

  1. Money that would have been spent on operating costs is available to support the library's programs, resources, and staff.
  2. Libraries can better support communities' needs by providing up-to-date technology and resources. Without having to worry about where or how to obtain technology, librarians and staff can focus on their patrons.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into our catalog and start requesting products like Microsoft Office, Symantec security products, and refurbished computers and tablets! If you're already an active TechSoup for Libraries member, you can spread the word about the benefits of donated technology.

If you need a refresher on requesting technology donations through TechSoup or you're wondering if you're eligible to receive donations, we did a webinar last month called Tech Donations for Libraries! We not only walk you through the donation request process, we also show off some library favorites from our catalog. In addition, you can learn even more about what's available from our What TechSoup Offers Libraries article.

Tell us: Has your library saved with donations through TechSoup?