Do you "App it up?"

Apps can be very helpful tools for libraries. They can help you engage and inform your community members, tell your library's story, and improve internal workflow. Here at TechSoup we are working on a new Microsoft-funded project called "App It Up" to help libraries and nonprofits identify and create apps.

Right now we're in the discovery stage of the project: finding out how libraries and nonprofits are currently using apps, what you might want apps to do, and whether there are existing apps that meet those needs. You can take our brief survey to let us know your thoughts on this project, and be registered to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

In the next few months we'll also be hosting an app developer event to give developers the chance to create new, useful apps that are relevant to libraries and nonprofits. We'll also be sharing the existing apps we find in an upcoming "Cool App Roundup" series. Read more about this project in Ariel's post on the TechSoup blog.