Can you future-proof your library?

This was a question that Micheal Krasny, host of the Forum on NPR's affiliate in San Franciso asked of his guests yesterday in an hour-long program called "The Future of Libraries." Al Escoffier, City Librarian for the Burlingame Public Library, Jane Light, Director of the San Jose Library, Jim Rettig, president of the American Library Association, and Martin Gomez, President of the Urban Libraries Council were on the program.

Topics like Web 2.0, gaming, public and governmental support, and the library's role in the community were discussed in this program. Interestingly, when asked about cuts, Jane Light said,

"I have never cut an Information Technician from my staff during this time, because people's ability to serve themselves is one of the things I have to provide if i'm going to keep my doors open. So we need to keep that web access happening."

Her discussion of cuts made clear that their priorities were focused on public computer access. Is this a simliar situation at your library?

The program was archived, and is worth checking out: The Future of Libraries on KQED.

Also, if you haven't yet read OCLC's report, From Awareness to Funding: a study of library support in America, this report touches on some of the topics covered in this program and brings to light the concerns around boosting advocacy efforts for libraries.