18 January 2013 - 8:33am | by Brenda Hough

When David Hanson was hired as the director of the Linwood (KS) Community Library, he knew he was going to want to make some changes and that those changes would not always be easy. One change involved staffing. A 20 hour per week clerk position was open at the library, but instead of hiring someone to fill that position, David saw it as an opportunity to help the library build for the future. He wanted to turn the clerk position into a position focused on digital resources. 

17 January 2013 - 8:10am | by Brenda Hough

We had fun participating in today's Iowa Small Libraries Online Conference! The sessions and virtual exhibits were impressive... and no travel was required! During the virtual exhibit times, attendees were encouraged to visit our site, say hello, and ask questions about TechSoup.

15 January 2013 - 2:08pm | by Brenda Hough

Thanks to everyone who attended today's "Broadband Basics for Public Libraries" webinar! A special thanks to guest speaker Kieran Hixon. If you missed the webinar, but are interested in learning more about broadband, you'll definitely want to check out the recording and the resources (linked to below).

7 January 2013 - 8:58am | by Brenda Hough

Back in December, I blogged about Blinn Sheffield and the Independence (KS) Public Library's upcoming Scratch programming class. I plan to check in with Blinn as the class progresses and will post an update then. I also contacted Sherry Knight, the librarian at the Euless (TX) Public Library who inspired Blinn with her post on the PUBYAC listserv about her successful Scratch club. She discussed the overlap with the library's Lego program.

3 January 2013 - 12:07pm | by Brenda Hough

I read a lot of blogs and follow many smart techie types on Twitter. I scan Lifehacker pretty regularly and read tech articles in professional library journals, too. Despite all of these efforts to "keep up", however, I am always plauged by a nagging feeling that there are tools out there that would be so useful to me... if only I knew they existed.

20 December 2012 - 6:56am | by Brenda Hough

TechSoup is excited to be part of a coalition of library and local government organizations working to develop public access technology benchmarks for public libraries.In support of the Edge Initiative, we've been hosting monthly webinars related to benchmark topics. Here's a review of the webinars delivered in 2012 (including links to recordings of the sessions). 

17 December 2012 - 10:19am | by Brenda Hough

Do you wish you knew more about the basics of broadband, but you don't know who to ask? Join us for a beginner level webinar, which will introduce participants to terms, tools, and concepts that will help increase basic understanding. 

13 December 2012 - 7:29am | by Brenda Hough

A while back, I asked for examples of libraries providing training on programming languages. I recently found out that the Independence (KS) Public Library (winner of the Best Small Library in America award in 2012) is going to be offering a Scratch programming class this spring. 

11 December 2012 - 1:59pm | by Brenda Hough

Thanks to everyone who attended today's "Better Together: Tech Trainers Sharing Expertise" webinar. A special thanks to everyone who shared resources and ideas.If you missed the webinar, but are interested in tech training, you'll definitely want to check out the recording and the resources!

7 December 2012 - 8:41am | by Brenda Hough

During Tuesday's webinar, "Tech Savvy Staff", Penny Talbert and Stephanie Zimmerman discussed the Ephrata (PA) Public Library's approach to increasing staff technology know-how. One of things that I found especially interesting was Penny's assessment of the outcomes she has witnessed since implementing their staff competencies program.